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Market Access Issues in International Food Trade

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This book focuses on the influence of food safety and quality requirements on international trade in food. Drawing on the case of Benin and other fishery products exporting countries in West and East Africa, the book explores the consequences of EU requirements on market access and food safety regulation in exporting developing countries. Moreover, it examines the processes through which UEMOA Member States intend to overcome their food safety challenges thanks to regional cooperation. In this regard, the book dwells on the conditions and mechanisms of regulatory convergence within the UEMOA. In addition to exploring the differences in approaches to food safety regulation (proactive or reactive approaches) between the EU and most West African developing countries, the book further analyses the case of Benin shrimp exports to the EU in the light of the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Essentially, the book assesses whether WTO rules provide sufficient leverage to enable weaker countries to press for reforms in other WTO Members’ food safety laws so as to avoid protectionism and unnecessary obstacles to trade.

Chapter I. Introduction

Chapter II. Background on Benin and its shrimp sector

Chapter III. Food safety regulation in the European Union

Chapter IV. Food safety regulation in Benin

Chapter V. Improving compliance to access the EU fishery products market

Chapter VI. Food safety at the regional level

Chapter VII. Assessing the implementation of the SPS and TBT Agreements

Chapter VIII. Conclusion


Policy documents, Guidelines and Reports



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