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Managing Food Safety Risks in the Agri-Food Industries

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Managing Food Safety Risks in the Agri-Food Industries

Modern farming practices are becoming increasingly intensive and consolidated in order to meet the needs of the rest of the food supply chain. These stages involve more stakeholders in the supply chain, not to mention issues of storage, transportation, and distribution prior to consumer receipt. This can be the trigger where microorganisms contaminate a large number of crops, livestock, or aquatic organisms. Therefore, the aim of this book is to inform readers of existing and emerging risks in the primary agri-food industries and ways to manage, reduce or prevent the likelihood of risks from occurring.

The book covers three main primary production sectors—crops, terrestrial livestock, and aquaculture products—along with a chapter on game and wild fish catch. Under each sector, the book addresses the existing and emerging food safety risks, challenges, and intervention strategies.

Part 1: Introduction

Managing risks in the agri-food industry – Where we are today?

Risk Assessment

Part 2: Managing risks in the agri-food sectors

Managing risks in broadacre crop production

Managing risks in horticultural sector

Managing risks in the beef and dairy industry

Managing risks in the pig and poultry industry

Managing risks in fish capture and game industry

Managing risks in the aquaculture industry (finfish, bivalves and crustaceans)

Part 3: Bridging the gap

Is there really a risk? Perceptual and actual risks and how we communicate them

Risk management – Integrating preventive and control measures for the future

Primary food production stakeholders, consultants, agricultural science/food science academicians, undergraduate and graduate students, regulators and government researchers in US FDA, USDA, and UK FSA regulatory agencies.

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