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Microbial Food Safety A Food Systems Approach

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Microbial Food Safety
This interdisciplinary textbook provides the reader with vital information and comprehensive coverage of foodborne microbial pathogens of potential risk to human consumers. It includes human pathogens and toxins originating from plants, fungi and animal products and considers their origin, risk, prevention and control. From the perspectives of microorganisms and humans, the authors incorporate concepts from the social and economic sciences as well as microbiology, providing synergies to learn about complex food systems as a whole, and each stage that can present an opportunity to reduce risk of microbial contamination.

Microbial Food Safety: A Food Systems Approach explains concepts through a food supply network model to show the interactions between how humans move food through the global food system and the impacts on microorganisms and risk levels of microbial food safety. Presented in full colour throughout, this book:
- Is clearly organised into easy digestible and accessible contents
- Includes key questions, summaries, further reading and a glossary to aid and focus reading
- Contains information boxes and numerous examples to help you review and apply the concepts covered

Written by authors renowned in the field and with extensive teaching experience, this book is essential reading for upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate students of food microbiology, food safety and food science, in addition to professionals working in these areas.
Section 1: Food Matrix Basics: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors that Affect Microorganisms in Food
. 1: Food
. 2: Ecological Concepts of Foods and Definition of Pre- and Post-Harvest
. 3: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors and Potentially Hazardous Foods
. 4: Humans and Microbes – Risk Analysis

Section 2: Foodborne Pathogens
. 5: Foodborne Infections, Intoxications and Etiology
. 6: Gram Positive Bacteria
. 7: Gram Negative Bacteria
. 8: Eukaryotic Microorganisms of Concern in Food - Parasites and Molds
. 9: Viruses and Prions

Section 3: How Social, Regulatory, and Economic Factors can Affect Risk Levels for Pathogenic Microorganisms in Food
. 10: Control Measures: The Case of PR/HACCP
. 11: Cost of Microbial Foodborne Outbreaks
. 12: Cost of Microbial Foodborne Outbreaks to Society
. 13: Cost and Benefits of Control Measures: Food Traceability
. 14: Impacts on Global Trade and Regulations
C Wolf-Hall, North Dakota State University, USA, W Nganje, North Dakota State University, USA

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Ouvrage de 240 p.

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