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Handbook of Drying of Vegetables and Vegetable Products Advances in Drying Science and Technology Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Zhang Min, Bhandari Bhesh, Fang Zhongxiang

This handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the processes and technologies in drying of vegetables and vegetable products. The Handbook of Drying of Vegetables and Vegetable Products discusses various technologies such as hot airflow drying, freeze drying, solar drying, microwave drying, radio frequency drying, infrared radiation drying, ultrasound assisted drying, and smart drying. The book?s chapters are clustered around major themes including drying processes and technologies, drying of specific vegetable products, properties during vegetable drying, and modeling, measurements, packaging & safety.

Specifically, the book covers drying of different parts and types of vegetables such as mushrooms and herbs; changes to the properties of pigments, nutrients, and texture during drying process; dried products storage; nondestructive measurement and monitoring of moisture and morphological changes during vegetable drying; novel packaging; and computational fluid dynamics.




Section I: Drying Processes and Technologies

Chapter 1 Main Current Vegetable Drying Technology I: Hot Airflow Drying and Related Combination Drying

Weiqiao Lv and Min Zhang

Chapter 2 Main Current Vegetable Drying Technology II: Freeze-Drying and Related Combined Drying

Xu Duan

Chapter 3 Highly Efficient Vegetable Drying Technology I: Microwave and Radio Frequency Drying of Vegetables

Hao Jiang and Shaojin Wang

Chapter 4 Highly Efficient Vegetable Drying Technology II: Infrared Radiation Drying and Related Combination Drying

Bengang Wu, Bei Wang, Haile Ma, Baoguo Xu, and Zhongli Pan

Chapter 5 Highly Efficient Vegetable Drying Technologies III: Ultrasound-Assisted Drying

S. J. Kowalski, D. Mierzwa, and J. Szadzińska

Chapter 6 Smart Drying Technology for Vegetable Products

Ya Su, Min Zhang, and Arun Sadashiv Mujumdar

Chapter 7 Foam-Mat Drying of Vegetables

Regiane Victória de Barros Fernandes and Diego Alvarenga Botrel

Section II: Drying of Specific Vegetable Products

Chapter 8 Drying of Herbs and Spices

Sachin V. Jangam and Arun Sadashiv Mujumdar

Chapter 9 Drying of Vegetable Snacks

Hao Jiang and Shaojin Wang

Chapter 10 Drying of Edible Flowers

Serkan Boyar, Erkan Dikmen, and Sabri Erbaş

Chapter 11 Drying of Mushrooms

Xin Jin

Section III: Changes in Properties during Vegetable Drying

Chapter 12 Pigments and Nutrients during Vegetable Drying Processes, Dried Products Storage, and Their Associated Color Changes

Barbara Sturm and Oliver Hensel

Chapter 13 Instant Controlled Pressure Drop as a Process of Texturing/Sterilizing Vegetables, Improving upon Conventional Drying Methods

Karim Allaf, Tamara Allaf, Sabah Mounir, and Farid Zerrouq

Chapter 14 Aroma Aspects of Fresh and Dried Vegetables

Narendra Narain, Gomathi Rajkumar, Maria Terezinha Santos Leite Neta, Romy Gleyse Chagas Barros,

Saravanan Shanmugam, Marina Denadai, and Arun Sadashiv Mujumdar

Section IV: Others (Modeling, Measurements, Packaging, and Safety of Dried Vegetables and Vegetable Products)

Chapter 15 Vegetable Dryer Modeling

Robert H. Driscoll and George Srzednicki

Chapter 16 Numerical Modeling of Morphological Changes of Food Plant Materials during Drying

H. C. P. Karunasena and Wijitha Senadeera

Chapter 17 Nondestructive Measurement of Quality Parameters of Vegetables during Drying by Optical Sensing Technology

Min Huang and Qibing Zhu

Chapter 18 Computer Vision and Its Applications for Drying of Vegetables

Alex Martynenko

Chapter 19 Novel Packaging of Dried Vegetable Products

Huizhi Chen and Min Zhang

Chapter 20 Microbiology and Safety of Dried Vegetables

Wunwisa Krasaekoopt


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