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Technological innovations in major oil crops. Volume 2. Perspectives, 2012 Perspectives

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Gupta S.K.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Technological innovations in major oil crops. Volume 2. Perspectives
The present volume presents essential information on advancements in oilseed production, processing and utilization. Advances in the technology of seed processing to produce oil and oil quality for edible and industrial applications are well presented, followed by hybrid technology, biotechnology, oil technology and meal quality for animal nutrition. The following areas are also covered: the potential for oil in developing biodiesel markets, fatty acid long chains and their derivative, pollination management, and safety of pollinators from harmful effects of pesticides. This volume also includes an economic assessment of oilseed integrated pest management (IPM) programs in different regions of the world.


1. Hybrid Technology
Surinder K. Gupta, Aditya Pratap, Debjyoti Sen Gupta, Neha Rajan and Veena D. Ganeshan

2. Oil Technology
Bertrand Matthäus

3. Biotechnology
Vinitha Cardoza (BASF), C. Neal Stewart, Jr.

4. Breeding Oil Quality for Edible and Industrial Applications in Oilseed Rape and Linseed
Peter B.E. McVetty, Rachael Scarth

5. Biochemistry of Fatty Acids
Imran Haider Shamsi, Bilal Haider Shamsi, Lixi Jiang

6. In Vitro Mutagenesis and Genetic Improvement
L. Xu, U. Najeeb, M.S. Naeem, G.L. Wan, Z.L. Jin, F. Khan, W.J. Zhou

7. Economic Impact Assessment of Oilseed IPM Programs
Lefter Daku, Rajinder Peshin, George W. Norton, Daniel B. Taylor

8. Agro-Industrial By-Products Utilization in Animal Nutrition
Imran Haider Shamsi, Nazim Hussain, Lixi Jiang

9. Pollination in Oil Crops-Recent Advances and Future Strategies
D. P. Abrol, Uma Shankar

10. Oil Crops as Potential Sources of Biofuels
Denis J Murphy

11. Withering Yellow Revolution in Indian Context
R. D. Gupta, Sanjay Arora, S.K. Gupta

12. Future Perspectives of Major World Oil Crops.
Aurora Díaz

Dr. Surinder Kumar Gupta is Professor/Chief Scientist (Oilseeds) Plant Breeding & Genetics and Nodal officer in School of Biotechnology, S K University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, Chatha, Jammu-India. He holds a distinguished academic and service record and has been devoted primarily to research on oilseed Brassicas for nearly two decades. He has written two books on plant breeding and edited three  volumes, one on ‘Recent Advances in Oilseed Brassicas’, Kalyani Publishers, New Delhi, India, second on ‘Rapeseed Breeding-Advances in Botanical Research’, Vol. 45, Academic Press, Elsevier Publishers and third on Biology and Breeding of crucifers, CRC Publishers, Taylor and Francis Group.

Extensive coverage on the oil crops field

Written by expert scientists with unique perspectives

A source of guidance for researchers, scientists, and teachers

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