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Sustainable Forest Management From Principles to Practice The Earthscan Forest Library Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Innes John L., Tikina Anna V.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Sustainable Forest Management

Sustainable Forest Management provides the material that will educate students about forestry and the contemporary role of forests in ecosystems and society, and hence set the standard of sustainable forest management worldwide. It provides a comprehensive textbook on the concept and practice of sustainable forest management. The first chapters concentrate on conceptual aspects, relating sustainable forestry management to international policy, particularly the concept of criteria and indicators and how this has determined the practice of forest management. Forest management is considered here to be the management of forested lands, which includes the management of all ecosystems present on such lands. It thus goes considerably further than the traditional forms of management associated with, for example, timber production and logging concessions. Later chapters are more practical in focus, concentrating on the management of the many values associated with forests. Overall the book provides a major new synthesis, which will serve as a textbook for undergraduates of forestry as well as those from related disciplines such as ecology or geography taking a course in forests or natural resource management.

1. Sustainable Forest Management: From Concept to Practice 

John L. Innes 

2. Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management 

John L. Innes 

3. Forest Biodiversity 

Fred Bunnell

4. Productivity of Forest Ecosystems 

Juan A. Blanco, Yueh-Hsin Lo, Clive Welham, and Bruce Larson 

5. Forest Ecosystem Health and Vitality 

Richard Hamelin and John L. Innes 

6. Maintenance of Soils 

John L. Innes 

7. Water and Watersheds 

R. Dan Moore, Roy C. Sidle, Brett Eaton, Gomi Takahashi and David Wilford 

8. Forests and Carbon 

John L. Innes 

9. The Changing Socio-economic Contributions of Forestry 

Harry Nelson, Ngaio Hotte, and Robert Kozak 

10. Social, Cultural, and Spiritual (SCS) Needs and Values 

Janette Bulkan 

11. Public Participation in Forest Land-Use Decision-Making 

Howard Harshaw and Hosny El-Lakany 

12. Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) from an International Perspective 

Hosny El-Lakany 

13. Addressing Social, Economic and Environmental Objectives and Values through Decision Support Systems 

Craig R. Nitschke, Anne-Hélène Mathey, Patrick O. Waeber 

14. Assessing the Quality of Forest Management 

Anna V. Tikina 

15. Adaptive Management: a Case Study of How Some of the Principles of SFM can be Applied in Practice 

Fred Bunnell 

16. Conclusions 

John L. Innes

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Thèmes de Sustainable Forest Management :

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