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Biodiversity of Lianas, 1st ed. 2015 Sustainable Development and Biodiversity Series, Vol. 5

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Parthasarathy N.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Biodiversity of Lianas
This book “Biodiversity of lianas” under the series “Sustainable development and Biodiversity” is unique as it covers a wide array of topics in this subject covering all continents and will constitute a valuable reference material for students, researchers and forest managers who are concerned with biodiversity, forest ecology and sustainable development of forest resources. It contains peer-reviewed chapters from leading academicians and researchers around the world in the field of Plant Ecology, Taxonomy and related areas of Biodiversity Science but, centered on Lianology and includes original research articles, case studies and reviews (regional and global) in biodiversity, ecology and phytogeography and conservation of lianas from temperate, sub-tropical and tropical forests. The interest in lianas has increased over the last two decades. The ultimate goal of this book is to provide an insight into the patterns of liana diversity, distribution, the role of lianas in structuring forest community, and functional ecology (carbon uptake, ecosystem services, dynamics and invasion), biotechnological tool for conservation of lianas and finally summarizes the significance and the need for conservation of lianas in the changing global environmental scenario.  



  1. General Introduction

             N Parthasarathy & P Vivek

  1. Patterns of liana abundance and distribution in temperate forests

Bruce P Allen

  1. Geographical, taxonomical and ecological aspects of lianas in subtropical forests of Argentina

Agustina Malizia & Paula Campanello

  1. Liana effects on carbon storage and uptake in mature and secondary tropical forests

             Sandra M Duran & G.A. Sánchez-Azofeifa

5.       Diversity and distribution of climbing plants in Eurasia and North Africa

            Liang Hu& Li Mingguang

6.      Liana assemblages in tropical forests of Africa and South East Asia: diversity, abundance and management         

  Patrick Addo-Fordjour & Zakaria B. Rahmad

7.      Diversity of lianas in Eastern Himalayas and North-Eastern India

      SK Barik, D Adhikari, A Chettri & PP Singh

  1. Biodiversity of lianas and their functional traits in tropical forests of peninsular India

            N Parthasarathy, P Vivek, C Muthumperumal, S Muthuramkumar & N Ayyappan

  1. The contribution of lianas to forest ecology, diversity, and dynamics

Stefan A Schnitzer

  1. Liana diversity and their ecosystem services in tropical dry evergreen forest on the Coromandel Coast of India

            N Parthasarathy, P Vivek & K Anil

11.  A review of biotechnological approaches to conservation and sustainable utilization of medicinal lianas in India

Shaily Goyal, Varsha Sharma & K G Ramawat

  1. Biological invasion of vines, their impacts and management

            S M Sundarapandian, C Muthumperumal & K. Subashree

  1. Liana diversity and the future of tropical forests

 Mason Campbell, Ainhoa Magrach & Bill Laurance

Numerous case-studies on biodiversity and Ecology of lianas from wide range of global forest types help the readers to understand biodiversity status and provided with colour photos of forest sites and important species

Two chapters on forest biomass carbon stock will help understanding global carbon issue and the role of trees and lianas in the process

Two chapters relate to ecosystem services and plant traits help understanding the potential values of liana diversity and sustainable use of forest resources

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Date de parution :

Ouvrage de 278 p.

15.5x23.5 cm

Disponible chez l'éditeur (délai d'approvisionnement : 15 jours).

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