What is an animal ?

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What has been the relationship between the `radical' and the `conservative' right in twentieth-century Europe? In lEM>Fascists and Conservativesl/EM> thirteen distinguished authorities on the European right explore this major theme within Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Britain, Austria, Romania, Greece and the Nordic countries.

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Part I: Sentiment and Ideology Introduction, lEM>Robert Tombsl/EM> Gauls versus Franks: Conflict and Nationalism, lEM>Eugen Weberl/EM> The Political Culture of Nationalism, lEM>Zeev Sternhelll/EM> Nationalist Responses to the Revolution, lEM>Christian Amalvil/EM> Families and Fatherlands: The Lost Provinces and the Case of Captain Dreyfus, lEM>Michael Burnsl/EM> Joan of Arc Between Right and Left, lEM>Gerd Krumeichl/EM> Words and images of nationhood, lEM>Pierre Sorlinl/EM> The National Sentiment of Soldiers During the Great War, lEM>Stephane Audoin-Rouzeaul/EM> Part II: Nationalism and Politics Introduction, lEM>Albert Vaiciulenasl/EM> Royalists and the Politics of Nationalism, lEM>William D. Irvinel/EM> The Nationalists of Meurthe-et-Moselle 1882-1912, lEM>William Sermanl/EM> Nationalists and Bonapartists, lEM>Bernard Menagerl/EM> The Jeunesse Antisemite et Nationaliste, 1894-1904, lEM>Bertrand Jolyl/EM> Parisian white-collar employees and nationalism in the belle epoque, lEM>Lenard R Berlansteinl/EM> La Republique et al Patrie: The Radicals' Nationalism Under Attack, lEM>Judith M. Stonel/EM> Dividing and Uniting: Sports Societies and Nationalism, 1870-1914 Exploring the Sexual Politics of Republican Nationalism, lEM>Karen Offenl/EM> Social Defence and Conservative Regeneration: The National Revival 1904-1914, lEM>Philip G. Nordl/EM> Part III: Policy in the Era of Nationalism Introduction, lEM>David Stevensonl/EM> The Army and the Appel au Soldat, 1874-89, lEM>Jean-Charles Jauffretl/EM> The School Battalions in the East 1882-92: Reasons for Failure, lEM>Gerard Caninil/EM> Patriotism, Politics and Policy in the Foreign Ministry 1880- 1914, lEM>John Keigerl/EM> Strategic Independence and Security of Communications: The Submarine Telegraph Cables, lEM>Jean-Claude Allainl/EM>

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This volume collects together all of Russell's philosophical papers inspired by his work with Whitehead on lI>Principia Mathematica.l/I>