Understanding psychological science

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Résumé d'Understanding psychological science

Teaches research methods from the point-of-view of the consumer. Presenting substantive research methods coverage in a language students can understand. Contains many examples of media representation of scientific research to the public by including numerous quotes which are taken directly from television talk shows, and news broadcasts. Thorugh the analysis of real-life examples, students learn how to critically evaluate scientific information and gain an understanding on the analysis of real-life examples to highlight for the student, common misinterpretations of scientific information.

Sommaire d'Understanding psychological science

1. Science.
2. Library Research.
3. Using Statistics.
4. Non-experimental Research.
5. Correlational Research.
6. Experimental Research.
7. Controlling Extraneous Variables.
8. Design Validity.
9. Factorial Designs.
10. Quasi-experimental Research.
11. Ethics in Scientific Research.
Appendix A: Writing Research Papers.

Commentaire d'Understanding psychological science

  • Explains statistics within the context of specific research designs.
  • Focuses on both effect size and significance while presenting values taken from actual studies.
  • Coverage is interesting and manageable for students at all levels.