The structure of british industry (paper

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The overview of declining and expanding, private and nationalized, capital and labour-intensive occupations offers a wide-range of illustrative and case-study material.

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Preface to the second edition. Agriculture, Brian Hill, University of Nottingham North sea oil and gas, Colin Robinson, University of Surrey Danny Hann, CEGB Coal, Barry Thomas, University of Durham Steel, Anthony Cockerill, University of Manchester Pharmaceuticals, Duncan Reekie, University of Witwatersrand Nicholas Wells, Office of Health Economics Synthetic fibres, Richard Shaw, Paisley College of Technology Paul Simpson, University of Surrey Information technology, Paul Stoneman, University of Warwick Motor vechicles, Garel Rhys, University College Cardiff Food processing, Peter Maunder, Loughborough University Construction, Michael Flemming, Loughborough University Retailing, Stuart Eliot, University of Manchester Institute of Technology Rail transport, Ken Gwilliam, University of Leeds Domestic air transport, Peter Johnson, University of Durham Insurance, Bob Carter, University of Nottingham Medical care, Ivy Papps, University of Durham Tourism, Peter Johnson, University of Durham Notes on the contributors, Index.