Race, ethnicity and education teaching and learning in multi-ethnic schools

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Résumé de Race, ethnicity and education teaching and learning in...

This book is a major new investigation into the issues of 'race', ethnicity and education, following the educational reforms during the late 1980s. It provides an up-to-date and critical introduction to current issues and major research findings in the field, exploring the teacher-pupil relationship through a detailed account of life in an inner-city comprehensive. It reveals the influence of different racist stereotypes and highlights the especially disadvantaged position of Afro- Caribbean pupils within a school. Features: * Draws on a wide variety of research projects in ethnic schools to examine: achievement, curriculum content, language use, assessment and testing under the National Curriculum * Uses material collected during two years of research to consider young people's school experiences and issues relating to classroom discipline.

Sommaire de Race, ethnicity and education teaching and learning in...

Series Editor's Preface Preface Key to Transcripts Race, Ethnicity and Education: some key concepts and ideas Part I: City Road Teaching and learning in a multi-ethnic comprehensive Discipline and control: the myth of an Afro-Caribbean challenge to authority Resistance and Accommodation: Afro-Caribbean pupils in City Road South Asian Pupils: differentiation and polarization in a multi- ethnic setting Part II: Beyond City Road Issues for Education in a multi-ethnic society Achievement and Opportunity: controversies in the measurement and meaning of educational achievements Race, Ethnicity and the Curriculum: towards anti-racist schooling Language Issues: English as a second language, bidialectism and the mother tongue debate Race Matters: Conclusion Guide to further reading, References, Index

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`[David Gillborn] skilfully blends objective data, quotations from teachers and pupils and his own observation of the texture of daily life ... No one reading Gillborn's closely-observed and clearly-argued research will face tomorrow's pupil management unchanged.' - The Guardian

` ... offers a sound and up-to-date review of the field which is impressive in its coverage.' - Times Educational Supplement

` ... written and structured (and referenced) in such a way as to stimulate the reader to think reflectively, avoiding exhortation. It ought to stimulate teachers, teacher-trainee, teacher-trainers for some years to come.' - Research Intelligence (BERA Newsletter)