Principles of microeconomics (paper)

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`Else and Curwin make an effort to keep the student in touch with recent developments by including such topics as bargaining search, contestable markets and voting will certainly appeal to those who wish to keep economic theory accessible to as wide a range of students as possible.' Times Higher Education Supplement
This clear, concise introduction to intermediate microeconomics is essential reading for students with previous knowledge of economic principles. Geared to the standard year's course in universities and polytechnics, the treatment in this text reinforces the student's understanding of familiar topics and facilitates assimilation of new material.

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Preface The Basic Themes of Microeconomics The Basic Theory of Consumer Choice The Comparative Statics of Consumer Behaviour The Individual as a Seller The Measurement of Individual Welfare Changes The Characteristics Approach to Consumer Behaviour Time, Information and Uncertainty From Individuals to Firms The Production Function and Its Properties Costs and Cost Functions Demand, Revenue and Profit Maximization Competition and Monopoly Monopoly: Further Issues Oligopoly Barriers to Entry and Contestable Markets Alternative Approaches to the Theory of the Firm The Firm's Demand for Inputs in Competitive Markets Imperfectly Competitive Input Markets Bilateral Monopoly and Collective Bargaining Social Welfare: Basic Considerations The Maximization of Welfare Social Welfare and Markets Bibliography, Index