Managing high technology and innovation

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Résumé de Managing high technology and innovation

This text is designed to teach management skills used in today's business world. The fast pace of growth in the technology sector has created a strong demand for competent and well educated managers, specifically trained to lead in the complex and challenging technology based business world.

Sommaire de Managing high technology and innovation

  • Introduction.
  • The Critical Factors for Success.
  • Creating a Favourable Environment for Inventors.
  • Minimizing the Research and Development Cycle.
  • Organizing for Smooth Transition from Research and Development to
  • Production.
  • Problems with Managing Multiproduct Organizations.
  • Marketing of High Technology, People, Strategies, and Timing.
  • The Global High-Technology Market.
  • Growing in High Technology by Acquisitions.
  • Organizing Strong Product Support.
  • How to Keep Ahead of Competition and Perpetuate Success.
  • A Case Study: COMPAQ at the Crossroads.
  • Questions for Further Reflection.
  • Appendix A: Excerpts from Compaq's 1996 Annual Report.
  • Index.