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Learning communities: creating, connections among students, faculty, and disciplines

Auteurs : GABELNICK Faith, MACGREGOR Jean, MATTHEWS Roberta S., SMITH Barbara Leigh

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Date de parution : 05-1990
Langue : Anglais
Ouvrage 120 p. 22.6x15.3 cm Broché

Résumé de Learning communities: creating, connections among...

Learning communities are curricular structures that link different disciplines around a common theme or question. They give greater coherence to the curriculum and provide students and faculty with a vital sense of shared inquiry. This volume of New Directions for Teaching and Learning places learning communities within the framework of twentieth century educational theory and reform. The authors provide comprehensive, detailed descriptions of how to design, maintain, and evaluate learning communities and include firsthand accounts from students and faculty in learning communities across the nation. At a time when higher education seeks a sense of shared purpose, learning communities offer an approach that balances the demands of individualism with those of contributing to the common good. Solutions to the problems we confront require multiple points of view, a variety of competencies, and an acknowledgment of interdependence and mutual respect. Learning communities are one way we may build the commonalities and connections so essential to our education and our society. This is the 41st issue of the quarterly journal New Directions for Teaching and Learning. For more information on the series, please see the Journals and Periodicals page.