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Law and economics (4th ed )

Auteurs : COOTER Robert, ULEN Thomas

Couverture de l'ouvrage Law and economics (4th ed )
Date de parution : 08-2003
Langue : Anglais
Ouvrage 560 p. Relié

Résumé de Law and economics (4th ed )

Law and economics has become a central organizing philosophy in U.S. legal education. And with the Fourth Edition of their best-selling text, Cooter and Ulen continue to provide students with a clear method for applying economic analysis to the study of legal rules and institutions. Following an overview of economic analysis tools for law students and legal analysis tools for economics students, uniquely paired chapters offer a combination of clear theoretical analysis supported by practical application. Economic theories in four core areas of the law are used to explain and analyze topics, illustrating how microeconomic theory can be used to increase understanding of the law and improve public policy. The Fourth Edition has been thoroughly revised, improving the clarity and flow in exposition, as well as updating the data and examples.

Sommaire de Law and economics (4th ed )

1. An Introduction to Law and Economics. 2. A Review of Microeconomic Theory. 3. An Introduction to Law and Legal Institutions. 4. An Economic Theory of Property. 5. Topics in the Economics of Property Law. 6. An Economic Theory of Contract. 7. Topics in the Economics of Contract Law. 8. An Economic Theory of Tort Law. 9. Topics in the Economics of Tort Liability. 10. An Economic Theory of the Legal Process. 11. An Economic Theory of Crime and Punishment. 12. Topics in the Economics of Crime and Punishment.