Introduction to functional histology (2° ed )

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Résumé d'Introduction to functional histology (2° ed )

This state-of-the-art textbook was the first in microscopic anatomy designed to interface with a videodisc. Now in its second edition, this award-winning book continues to offer undergraduate and graduate students a complete introduction to histology.

New to this Edition

This second edition includes information on a number of new topics, including: histogenesis, endocytosis, expanded discussion of intermediate filaments, histophysiology of glands, discussion of hemal nodes, embryonic development of skin, fetal cortex of the adrenal gland, expanded discussion of sertoli cell and blood supply of endometrium, the development of the reticular membrane of the eye, and a look at the latest microscopes such as the atomic force microscope, the high voltage electron microscope, and the confocal laser scanning microscope.

The authors have introduced insightful new Clinical Comments boxed inserts and a Glossary.

Sommaire d'Introduction to functional histology (2° ed )


I The Cell

1. Cytoplasmic Organelles and Inclusions
2. The Nucleus and Its Organelles

II Tissues

3. Primary Tissues
4. Epithelium
5. Specializations of Epithelia-Glands, Serous, and Mucous Membranes
6. Connective Tissue I - Cells and Fibers
7. Connective Tissue II - Cartilage, Bone, and Joints
8. Connective Tissue III - Circulating Blood and Lymph
9. Hemopoiesis
10. Muscle Tissue
11. Nervous Tissue

III Organ Systems

12. Central Nervous System
13. Circulatory System
14. Lymphatic System
15. The Integumentary System
16. Respiratory System
17. Digestive System I - Oral Cavity and Pharynx
18. Digestive System II - Alimentary Canal
19. Digestive System
20. Urinary System
21. Endocrine System I - Pituitary and Hypothalamus
22. Endocrine System II - Adrenal, Thyroid, Parathyroid, and Pineal
23. Male Reproductive System
24. Female Reproductive System I - Ovary
25. Female Reproductive System II - Genital Tract and Other Organs of Pregnancy
26. Organs of Special Sense-Eye and Ear

IV Tools for Learning

27. Microscopy


Commentaire d'Introduction to functional histology (2° ed )

  • Clean, readable design with full-color presentation of the circulatory system and of hemopoiesis. Line art is always positioned with the text it accompanies, providing ease of reference.
  • A 48-page full-color atlas featuring histological look alikes that show students how to discern between seemingly identical cell and tissue types.
  • Unique to this text is a detailed 500-item glossary of terms that defines difficult terminology.