Harper american literature, volume i (2° ed )

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Native American Literature: First Encounters.
A Bering Strait Eskimo Myth.
From The Time When There Were no People on the Earth Plain.
A Navajo Evil-Chasing Myth.
From Prayer of the First Night Male Shooting Chant Evil.
An Onondaga Iroquois Creation Myth.
From The Manner in Which it Established Itself.
From The Graenlendinga Saga.
Leif explores Vinland.
Thorvald explores Vinland.
Christopher Columbus (1451-1506).
From The Journal of the First Voyage.
The Discovery of the West Indies.
October 12, 1492.
October 13, 1492.
October 14, 1492.
From Michele de Cuneo s Letter on Columbus s Second Voyage October 28, 1495: The Cannibals from Columbus s Letter to the Sovereigns on the Third Voyage.
October 18, 1498: The Terrestrial Paradise.
From Columbus s Letter to the Sovereigns on the Fourth Voyage.
July 7, 1503: A Voice in Veragua.
Giovanni da Verrazzano.
From Letter to the King.
A New World.
Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca.
The Narrative of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca.
The Faith Healers.
Pedro de Casteneda.
The Narrative of the Expedition of Coronado.
The Death of the Negro Estevan.
Coronado Discovers the Seven Cities of Gold.
Native American Oral Poetry: First Encounters.
The Beginning of Sickness.
They Came from the East.
Richard Hakluyt.
The Famous Voyage of Sir Francis Drake.
The First New England .
Michael Drayton.
To the Virginia Voyage.
Thomas Hariot.
A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia.