From boarding house to bistro (the american restaurant then and now) bound.

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Résumé de From boarding house to bistro ...

This is a collection of either autobiographies or contemporary records of the lives of eight leaders of nineteenth-century American women educators. Involved in the foundation of womenÔÇÖs schools and colleges in various parts of America, they played very important roles to form the American womenÔÇÖs intellectual background. Like Mary LyonÔÇÖs influence on Emily Dickinson, they are not only important source materials to study womenÔÇÖs history and education, but also better to understand the philosophical aspects of American womenÔÇÖs literature.

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1. Introduction, 2.,Why Now? Temporal contexts 3. Why here? The town beyond Java, 4. Indentity formation in West Kalimantan, 5. Escalation in Poso, 6. Mobilization in Ambon, 7. Polarization in North Maluku, 8. Actor constitution in Central Kalimantan, 9. Concluding reflections, Bibliography

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Through close scrutiny of empirical materials and interviews, this book uniquely analyzes all the episodes of long-running, widespread communal violence that erupted during IndonesiaÔÇÖs post-New Order transition.