Equity and choice an essay in economics and applied philosophy

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Résumé d'Equity and choice an essay in economics and applied...

This important book examines the ways in which community economic development can contribute to local and regional regeneration. It presents a unique overview of the state of contemporary British practice in this important policy area and provides a series of fresh, theoretical, methodological and empirical insights which help us to understand ways in which communities are facing up to the challenges of devising and bringing about their own revitalisation. Community Economic Development is underpinned by the argument that much conventional regeneration work represents at best a short-term fix rather than a long-term sustainable solution to the problems of socially excluded communities. The emphasis of the book is largely on the British experience with contributions from a rich mix of new and established academics and practitioners.

Sommaire d'Equity and choice an essay in economics and applied...

I. Putting the Community into Economic Developments: Challenges to Social Exclusion and to the Economic Orthodoxy. II. Governance and Community: Engaging Strategically, Building Capacity and Developing Local Legitimacy. III. Making a Difference: Devising, Implementing and Evaluating Community Economic Development Strategies and Projects. IV. Conclusions: Lessons form the Past and Present, Lessons for the Future.

Commentaire d'Equity and choice an essay in economics and applied...

The meaning of an equitable or just distribution of resources: the author examines the concepts used by economists and philosophers and suggests a new formulation founded on individual choice, backing it up with policy proposals.