Equity and choice an essay in economics and applied philosophy

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Résumé d'Equity and choice an essay in economics and applied...

Regional development strategies have become the focus of attention in many countries in the 1990s. This textbook provides a conceptual, theoretical and empirical analysis of regional development strategies within a European context It examines the various regional development strategies which are currently being pursued within the regions of Europe - defined in its loosest term to include East and West. The book describes how many different European regions are attempting to reduce regional disparities by engaging themselves in coherent and focused regional development strategies, and there is also private sector approach to regional economic development. There are many case studies from Europe and from other parts of the world, including Japan, thereby providing lessons that different countries and regions can learn form each other.

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1. Regional development strategies in the European Union. 2. Theorizing and Conceptualising Regions. 3. European Developing Regions. 4. Contested Governance. 5. Appraising Europe in the Regions 1994-1999. 6. Regional economic Development and Institutional Mechanisms in Merseyside. 7. The Transfer from a Problem to Powerful Regions. 8. Local Development Theory and Practice. 9. Spatial Planning Flanders. 10. Competitiveness, Innovation and Technical Change from a Nordic Perspective. 11. European Integration and Development. 12. Regional Planning in Brandenburg. 13. Regional Policy Development. 14. New Directions for Regional Development Planning in Japan. 15. Regional Development Strategies in Europe.

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The meaning of an equitable or just distribution of resources: the author examines the concepts used by economists and philosophers and suggests a new formulation founded on individual choice, backing it up with policy proposals.