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Résumé d'Astronomy!

Designed for the beginner in astronomy, this book ties together various aspects of the subject to create a cohesive, understandable, and comprehensive overview of everythign from classical subjects to modern astrophysical concepts to the structure and origin of the Universe. It focuses on making science and astronomy relevant to life, featuring nearly forty essays that discuss such topics as the practical functions and workings of science, the work of histoical characters, and what it would be like to live on other planets.

Sommaire d'Astronomy!

Part I: Classical Astronomy
From Earth to Universe The Earth and the Sky The Earth and the Sun The Face of the Sky The Earth and the Moon The Planets

Part II: Physical Astronomy
Newton, Einstein, and Gravity Atoms and Light The Tools of Astronomy

Part III: Planetary Astronomy
The Earth The Moon Mercury and Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Outer Worlds Planetary Creation and its Debris

Part IV: Stellar Astronomy
The Sun The Stars Stellar Groupings: Doubles, Multiples, and Clusters Unstable Stars

Part V: Birth and Death in the Galaxy
The Interstellar Medium Star Formation The Life and Death of Stars Catastrophic Evolution The Galaxy

Part VI: Galaxies and the Universe
Galaxies The Expansion and Construction of the Universe Active Galaxies and Quasars The Universe

Commentaire d'Astronomy!

  • Unbroken by boxed inserts and other graphics, the book's format reflects a continuous document that increases clarity of text material and enhances readability.
  • Abundant end-of-chapter pedagogy, such as 'Key Concepts' and helpful exercises keyed to question types, facilitates student comprehension.
  • Through an in-depth discussion of stars and constellations, the text relates concepts to what students can actually see in the sky.