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Statistical aspects of the microbiological examination of foods (2nd Ed.)

Auteur : JARVIS Basil

Couverture de l'ouvrage Statistical aspects of the microbiological examination of foods (2nd Ed.)

Thèmes de Statistical aspects of the microbiological examination...

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Date de parution : 07-2008
Langue : Anglais
Ouvrage 320 p. Relié

Résumé de Statistical aspects of the microbiological examination...

For many biologists, statistics are an anathema, but statistical analysis of quantitative and qualitative data is of considerable importance. Although spreadsheet software provides a diverse range of statistical tools, users are often unsure which technique should be used. This book provides the basic statistical theory and practice to understand the types of tests frequently needed for the assessment of microbiological data. No prior knowledge of statistical techniques is required. Even when data can be given to a professional statistician for analysis, the microbiologist needs to have at least a general understanding of the underlying basis of statistical procedures in order to communicate effectively with the statistician. The book contains many worked examples to illustrate the use of the techniques and provides a plethora of references both to standard statistical works and to relevant original scientific papers on food microbiology.

Sommaire de Statistical aspects of the microbiological examination...

Introduction. Some Basic Statistical Concepts. Frequency Distributions.The distribution of microorganisms in foods in relation to sampling. Statistical Aspects Of Sampling For Microbiological Analysis. Errors In The Preparation Of Laboratory Samples For Analysis. Errors Associated With Colony Count Procedures. Errors Associated With Quantal Response Methods. Statistical Considerations Of Other Methods In Quantitative Microbiology. Measurement Uncertainty in Microbiological Analysis. Estimation Of Measurement Uncertainty. Statistical Process Control using Microbiological Data. Validation of Microbiological Methods. Statistical aspects of microbiological criteria for foods in relation to Food Safety Objectives.

Public concerné de Statistical aspects of the microbiological examination...

Microbiologists, food microbiologists, applied microbiologists, food scientists, food technologists, official analysts, environmental health officers.